NUMERICO - Nucleus of Modeling and Experimentation with Computers

It is a thematic laboratory of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics - IME of Rio de Janeiro State University - UERJ, whose mission is to develop activities of teaching, research and extension in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Computational Modeling. It was established in November 2015, with financial resources from individual projects of some professors, given by Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Apoio à Pesquisa no Estado do Rio de Janeiro - FAPERJ.

In the framework of basic and applied research, the laboratory activities are structured around some central lines of action, seeking to develop high-level contributions that can generate bibliographic productions of international level of excellence. In addition to basic and applied research, the laboratory also seeks to encourage the creation of partnerships between universities and the productive sector in Brazil, aiming to find innovative solutions to complex industrial problems. It also offers extension courses in areas related to their scope of action.

NUMERICO activities are developed by a multidisciplinary team (mathematicians, engineers, physicists, computer scientists), formed by professors/researchers and students at all levels of training. The involvement of undergraduate and graduate students is essential for all activities of the laboratory, and is intended to raise their level of technical knowledge, preparing them thus to better serve the productive sector or academia.